SPM 2015 Timetable (Jadual Waktu SPM 2015)

SPM 2015 Timetable (Jadual Waktu SPM 2015) has released by Lembaga Peperiksaan.

The picture below is the preview of the SPM 2015 Timetable and click the link to download the full PDF of timetable.

Click to Download:  SPM 2015 Timetable (Jadual Waktu SPM 2015)

6 Ways to Prepare SPM Last Minute

Note that, this post is originally from www.spmsoalan.com , I share it here for reference purpose only.

SPM is around the door, some students asked me about the tips to prepare for spm. Therefore, here are some tips for dealing with SPM exams last minute. Hopefully these tips can really help you in the coming Percubaan SPM or SPM.

#1 Do Not Study Last Minute for SPM
Though this post is about how to study last minute, remember, try your best to avoid burning midnight oil to study. Why? This is because you might feel sleepy in the next morning while sitting for the Percubaan SPM. Subjects like Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry which need a lot of calculations require a fresh mind to brainstorm of the answer.

What’s more, since the year of 2013, Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia is coming up with the KBAT or HOTS question in SPM. You would really need to stay refresh in order to answer these questions.Read More »


Koleksi Soalan ICT Pecubaan SPM 2014 (ICT Trial Paper 2014)

Congratulations to some of you who have finished your Mid-Year Examinations! However, you are just half way from your success, DO NOT STOP Here! Hence, today as well as the following whole week, I would like to put up more SPM-related papers at here. Today, this post is all about Koleksi Soalan ICT Percubaan SPM (Collection of ICT Trial SPM paper) in year 2014, as promised in the previous post, I am going to share the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Paper prepared by a few states in the year of 2014. I manage to collect 6 ICT Trial SPM paper from 5 states in our country.Read More »

Soalan ICT Pertengahan Tahun Tingkatan 5 Kedah dan Pahang 2014


Today, I would like to write another post to share with you, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Paper prepared by Pahang and Kedah states in the year of 2014. Since ICT paper is only taken by minority of the SPM students in previous year, you may find difficulties to get any resource of this SPM paper. However, I would soon put up another post to share all of the collected ICT spm past year papers. Be patient of the kertas soalan ICT in future 🙂 .

This is my first time to flip through the Kertas Soalan ICT from Pahang and MPSM Negeri Kedah as I did not sit for this paper in SPM 2014. From these Soalan ICT, I found the questions are quite interesting as our generation could easily understand all of the terms in the ICT paper. Maybe students who are considering to take this ICT paper in the SPM exams, you should really Give a Shot on it.


Let’s move back to the ICT paper, as requested by a lot of our facebook and twitter users, I shall upload this kertas ICT from Pahang and Kedah state today.  These mid-year ICT paper from Majlis Pengetua Sekolah Menengah (MPSM) Negeri Kedah and Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri (JPN) Pahang is provided with complete skema jawapan. Since I am not familiar with the ICT paper, hence, if you find any errors in the kertas soalan or the skema jawapan, Contact Me or comment below.
Read More »

Soalan Ekonomi Asas Pertengahan Tahun Tingkatan 5 Kedah 2014


These few days, I am getting more and more SPM paper requests from students all over Malaysia. This reflects a good phenomenon, more and more students are paying attention to SPM Soalan as well as gaining benefits from here too! Thus, this post is created especially for Pelajar Kelas Perakaunan who are taking Ekonomi Asas in the future SPM 2015. What I would like to share with you today, is the Soalan Ekonomi Asas Pertengahan Tahun Tingkatan 5 SPM Kedah 2014. The mid-year Ekonomi Asas paper from Kedah has paper 1 and 2. Alongside with that, the Skema Jawapan for this ekonomi asas paper is also provided by the Majlis Pengetua Sekolah Menengah (MPSM) Kedah.Read More »